Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thing #24--Zamzar Free online file conversion

Check out to convert files. Change format for documents, images, music and video. Keep in mind when you have access or compatiblity file issues. Like the patrons who have different versions like Works at home, then come into the library for printing or something.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thing #23 Reflections

If Web 2.0 is a user driven and created knowledge base, then Library 2.0, its derivative, embraces this user-centric model by encouraging participation and adopting a strategy for constant change. The 23 Things and Technology Fair have given me a firm foundation for this Learning 2.0 process. As I've moved through the 23 Things, I have tried to find ways to incorporate them into HCPL. I have made several suggestions to staff and patrons. My favorites are: blogs (I have abandoned my web 1.0 family website for the web 2.0 blog), Delicious (Aberdeen Branch know has its own), mashups, Meebo, and Zoho. I have been surprised by how each of us take hold of different aspects of this learning process. Collabortively, I feel we have a diverse and growing understanding Library 2.0. I intend to continue down the path starting with Thing #24 Online File Conversion (Learning 2.1).

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thing #22 Audio Books

I have created accounts with Netlibrary and Overdrive. At first glance, I prefer Netlibrary's layout. I am sure I will use both, depending on title availability. I wonder which I will prefer in function. Only time will tell. I love that HCPL subscribes to these online book services. I have often recommended them to friends and family. When I get my MP3 Player, I will finally have a reason to use these services.

Thing #21 Podcasts

I would love HCPL to use podcasts. We could create and have available (through Passport) podcasts of mandatory training sessions. Also, I saw that Denver Public Library's children librarians created podcasts of storybook readings for their children's site. I would like to take Denver's idea and find either personal applications (record some stories with my kids) or work applications. I have created an account with Odeo Studio to facilitate this process. For searching, I've had the best results with Yahoo's podcast search. I subscribed to a feed for ABC's show LOST.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Monitor Lizard vs. Croc

Thing #20 YouTube

YouTube is a lot of fun. There are some great videos. What I don't like about the functionality is that you can't search for the author (same with Flickr). I do like the Related/More from this user function. It lets you stumble upon some great videos. Another great feature is that you can subscribe to user. Not only is YouTube fun, but it is practical. There are wonderful marketing and instruction possiblities.